Welcome to Kind Earth Growers

Its all about HABITAT

We are growers of native wetland, aquatic and dry site perennials to build habitat diversity!

Seed Grown Native Perennials

conservation through propagation 

At Kind Earth Growers it is all about Habitat

Kind Earth Growers is a wholesale nursery, in Ottsville PA, founded to meet the demand for native wetland and dry-site perennials used in ecological restoration, storm-water management and functional landscape design.

Our plants are seed grown from open pollinated, native populations to help preserve regional genetic diversity. To provide our customers with a range of options depending on site-specific projects, our plants are grown in PL72s, DP50s, and deep 4” containers



Pontederia cordata

At Kind Earth we are passionate about the preservation of native plants in the landscape. We strive to produce high quality plants that provide biological function for green infrastructure projects and are the backbone for ecologically resilient native landscapes.

Asclepias incarnata

Kind Earth Growers is helping to cultivate ecological awareness thru local outreach and community engagement. We are a company with roots in the local environment, that branch out to fill the need for seed grown native plants in conservation and restoration efforts nationwide.