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Allium cernuum

Nodding Onion

Allium cernuum, commonly known as Nodding onion, is a cool-season perennial bulb with narrow, aromatic leaves and delicate light pink, umbrella-like flower clusters which rise above their foliage upon thin stems. Nodding onion is found growing naturally along dry, woodland edges or rocky outcroppings. Full sun or partly shady environments, with well draining soils are the best habitats for Allium cernuum. Rising to about 1-2' tall, Nodding onion is great as a border plant or as an accent species in open meadows. Allium cernuum is a great pollinator plant, attracting native bees, butterflies, and honeybees.

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Additional Information
Height 12-16 in
Hardiness Zone 3-9
Color White
Detailed Description for Allium

Allium cernuum is a perennial bulb of the onion family, found within open woods and rocky soils. This is an easy-to-grow species, drought tolerant, and resistant to black walnut, poor soil, and deer. Allium cernuum leaves grow up to 12” tall. Flower umbels protrude from the center of the plant and rise up gracefully over the leaves, slightly “nodding” its flower heads back down towards the earth. The small umbrella-like flower blooms delicately white to pink. They bloom from June through August and attract all kinds of sweat bees, bumblebees, and honey bees. Allium cernuum is perfect on its own or intermingled with grasses and sedges, where the flower becomes an attractive surprise mid season. They are also well-utilized in tough-to-grow areas, such as hell-strips, the narrow and barren stretch of grass or gravel between a sidewalk and roadway.