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Asclepias incarnata

Swamp Milkweed

Asclepias incarnata, Swamp milkweed, is a decorative and intrinsic perennial to any wet, full sun habitat. Pale pink blossoms explode with color from late June through August. Standing 2-4’ tall Asclepias incarnata is a primary food and nectar source for monarchs and many beneficial insects. A very attractive companion to Mimulus ringens (monkey flower).

  • »  Host species for Monarch butterflies
  • »  Summer bloom
  • »  OBL wetland indicator

Additional Information
Height 48-60 in
Hardiness Zone 3-6
Color Pink
Detailed Description for Asclepias

Asclepias incarnata var. incarnata can be found in streams, swamps, bogs, and ponds across North America. They have a lighter, more willowy appearance than other Asclepias species found along the east coast. Blooms usually emerge by July, which are light pink with accents of rose pink within the petals. It can survive equally well within a garden that has clay to loam soils, or in wetter soils within an OBL indicator status. This plant seems to win the lottery for monarch caterpillar larvae, which particularly enjoy this Asclepias species! Their seeds may spread by wind, but also by water, due to its wetland habitats.

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