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Carex amphibola

Creek Sedge

Carex amphibola, also known as Creek sedge, is a clumping, cool-season sedge that grows in arching, leafy mounds. Their shiny, narrow leaves form an upright fountain of semi-evergreen foliage growing 12-18" tall. Carex amphibola can be found growing in deciduous floodplain forests, within moist, loamy soils. In late spring, creek sedge blooms with a small, scaly flower spike. Carex amphibola is the host plant to various species of skipper species and is eaten by some turtles. Creek sedge is an excellent soil stabilizer along stream banks and slopes. Carex amphibola can be cut back after the seed has ripened to allow for a fresh flush of foliage that will hold thru the heat of summer.

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Additional Information
Height 12-24 in
Hardiness Zone 3-9
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