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Carex aquatilis

Water Sedge

Carex aquatilis, known commonly as Water sedge, is a cool-season, OBL sedge found in wetlands and along pond shores. Growing 1-4' with medium to fast spreading rhizomes, Carex aquatilis has narrow leaves that gracfully arch, with dark brown inflorescents which are present mid-summer. Carex aquatilis provides excellent erosion control and soil stabilization in riparian zones, and abundant nesting habitat for wetland bird species. Water sedge is an important food source for waterfowl and small mammals.

  • »  Cool season
  • »  Rapid rhizomatous
  • »  OBL wetland indicator
  • »  Erosion control

Additional Information
Height 12-48 in
Hardiness Zone 5-8
Detailed Description for Carex

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