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Carex cherokeensis

Cherokee Sedge

Carex cherokeensis, also known as Cherokee sedge, is a slow rhizomatous sedge with narrow, arching, evergreen leaves. Carex cherokeensis is naturally found in floodplain forests, wet clearnings, or above streams and creeks where it acts as an excellant soil stablizer and groundcover. Cherokee sedge has a small white spikelets of a flowers which rises up above their foliage from April through June. The foliage of Carex cherokeensis is a thin, smooth green leaf blade that arches gracefully at about 1-2' high. This is a slow growing, rhizomatous sedge, making it suitable to use in perennial gardens as well as restoration projects.

  • »  Slow rhizomatous
  • »  Groundcover

Additional Information
Height 12-48 in
Hardiness Zone 6-9
Detailed Description for Carex

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