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Carex laxiculmis

Creeping Sedge (Silver Sedge)

Carex laxiculmis, also known as Creeping sedge, is a low growing, semi-evergreen, shade-loving cool season sedge. Leaves grow to be about 8-12" tall, forming gradual colonies over time via slow rhizomes. Their leaves are wider than most Carex species, and have a blueish green hue. Moist woodlands with bright shade are the perfect habitat for Carex laxiculmis.

  • »  Prefers moist, humusy sandy loam
  • »  Grows in deciduous, mixed and evergreen forests.
  • »  Groundcover for shady gardens

Plant Characteristics
Additional Information
Height 4-40 in
Detailed Description for Carex

Carex laxiculmis is well known for its popular variety– Carex laxiculmis ‘Hopp Bunny’. The straight species of Carex laxiculmis is the same all but in color — it instead of a steely blue shade, it grows vibrant green leaves. This is another clumping variety of Carex, with wide leaves which gracefully arch into a vase-like shape. Carex laxiculmus grows best in deep to partial shade with moist soils, though is surprisingly heat tolerant in dry conditions. Their leaves are a little less than 1” wide, and have a nice winter persistance as an evergreen ground cover. Around May through June, they have a small, feathery flower plume which droop alongside their leaves. As a host plant for butterfly larvae, this is a great alternative to using hostas or liriope.