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Carex socialis

Social Sedge

Carex socialis is a cool-season rhizomatous sedge, that can form large colonies of fine delicate foliage. Social sedge can tolerate a range of conditions but is found naturally in aluvial floodplains and moist bottomlands. Carex socialis is an especially loved low-growing sedge that stands 8-12" tall and can be a good substitute for Carex pensylvanica in wetter sunnier conditions. Once established Social sedge is drought tolerant, semi-evergreen and unpalatable to deer making it a great consideration for a lawn alternative.

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Additional Information
Height 1-2 ft
Spread 1-2 ft
Hardiness Zone 4-9
Color Green
Detailed Description for Carex

Carex socialis is a rhizomatous perennial sedge, that forms large colonies of delicate foliage. They are happy in full sun to partial shade, with light green blades which sway and fold with the wind. Carex socialis is an especially loved low-growing sedge, given how well it can do in sunny locations. Additionally, Carex socialis grows well in heavy clay soils, is drought tolerant once established, pest resistant, and unpalatable
to deer. Carex socialis is being tested for its performance as a lawn alternative due to its semi-evergreen nature and ability to form dense mats when mowed— similar to a normal fescue lawn.