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Conoclinium coelestinum

Purple Mist Flower

Conoclinium coelestinum, or Blue mist flower, is a mid-late fall blooming perennial with vibrant purple flowers clusters. Blue mist flower blooms between 2-3 ft tall, with a bushy, branching form. Conoclinium is loosely rhizomatous and will weave itself between larger perennials and grasses. Blue mist flower thrives in full sun to partial shade, in moist soils. The fluffy purple flowers of Conoclinium are loved by late-season pollinators, attracting moths, butterflies, songbirds, and native bees.

  • »  Fall blooming
  • »  Late season pollinator plant
  • »  Host plant to the Lined ruby tiger moth

Additional Information
Height 2-3 ft
Color Purple
Detailed Description for Conoclinium

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