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Fragaria virginiana

Virginia Strawberry

Fragaria virginiana, also known as Virginia strawberry, is a cool season native ground cover, loved for its abundant small, delicate white flowers in the spring, and for delicious mid-summer fruit. Fragaria virginiana is stoloniferous, spreading above ground via runners into a dense mat. Their leaves are a beautiful green, trifoliate, and toothed. Virginia strawberry grows best in full sun to partial shade environments with well draining but moist soils. Fragaria virginiana fruit is smaller than your typical market strawberry, though considered to be sweeter. Fragaria virginiana provides various insects, birds, and animals with an abundance of food, acting as a valuable resources to specialize native bees, butterflies, moths, black bears, box turtles, and various other bird species with important spring and summer food sources.

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Additional Information
Hardiness Zone 5-9
Color White
Detailed Description for Fragaria

Fragaria virgniana grows around the bases of other taller perennials. As our native strawberry, Fragaria virgniana will go to bloom early spring providing pollinators with some of their first sources of nectar. By the beginning of summer they start setting fruit and providing the perfect summer meal for eastern box turtles, ring-necked pheasants, and chipmunks! Weaving its way around other plants, Fragaria virginiana forms a beautiful green ground cover. It is an excellent soil stabilizer for all in-between spaces throughout gardens, stream banks, lakeshores, or rocky slopes. From springtime flow- ers to summertime fruit, to a gorgeous red leaf in the fall, they give multi-seasonal interest a run for its money! They grow wonderfully in naturalized settings or will settle into an urban garden equally well.