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Juncus torreyi

Torrey's Rush

Juncus torreyi, also known as Torrey's rush, is a common rush found throughout North America. Juncus torreyi grows 2 - 3 feet tall, with slender unbranched stems except for at their terminal inflorescence. The stems of Juncus torreyi are green and glabrous with anywhere from 3 - 20 flowerheads per panicle. Flowers are a spikey yellow-red globe, blooming in summer and persistng through winter. The spent flowers remain an attractive texture even when brown. Juncus torreyi grows in full sun and prefers constantly moist to periodically wet soils. Can spread aggressively in disturbed wetlands with little competition. Torrey's Rush provides important habitat and food source for wetland bird species

  • »  Habitat and food for wetland bird species

Additional Information
Height 10-12 in
Hardiness Zone 3-9
Color Gold (Chamois)
Detailed Description for Juncus

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