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Color Yellow
Detailed Description for Nelumbo

Nelumbo lutea, American yellow lotus, is the only native species of the genus.  Flowers bloom after two successive months of temps  75-85 degrees.   Soft pale yellow flowers 7 - 11" surround a rich yellow center standing 10" above floating leaves.  Eye-catching water droplets, suspended on the waxy leaf surface, reflect sunlight during the day and house lights in the evening. Suitable for any size pool/pond.  Flower size 7-11" and leaves are 13-17".  Height 2 1/2 - 5'.  American yellow lotus, also known as water chinquapin, was a common staple in the Native American Indian diet.  Seeds can be roasted and tubers are also edible. Light spicy fragrance is attractive to bees.  American yellow lotus is a large colonizer.