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Pycnanthemum virginianum

Virginia Mountain Mint

Virginia mountain mint, Pycnanthemum virginianum, is a smaller aromatic member of the Lamiaceae family. Growing 1-3' tall, Pycnanthemum virginianum has beautiful, white plentiful clusters of small flowers which bloom late summer, between July and August. Their foliage is slender, with a minty scent when brushed upon. Virginia mountain mint is also well loved by pollinators, attracting all types of native bees, butterflies, skippers, and more. For the best growth, plant in sunny open habitat, with soil that stays moist. This is a rhizomatous species, which needs room to spread. Additionally, Pycnanthemum virginanum is drought tolerant when established.

  • »  Aromatic foliage
  • »  Attracts abundant pollinators
  • »  Late summer bloom