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Saururus cernuus

Lizard's Tail

Saururus cernuus, Lizard's tail, is a colonizing perennial with fibrous rhizomes which grows along the edges of ponds, swamps and marshes in sun to part shade. The distinctive heart shaped leaves grow above the water 2-4' tall. The curved raceme of the Lizard's tail flower is lined with many small fragrant white inconspicuous flowers which transform into small nut-like capsules resembling a Lizard's tail from June to early September. Great nectar source for honey bees. Deer resistant.

  • »  Rhizomatous
  • »  Erosion control
  • »  Stream bank stabilization
  • »  Unique summer flowers

Additional Information
Color White
Detailed Description for Saururus

With its lush heart-shaped foliage and thick rhizomatous roots, Saururus cernuus provides important soil stabilization for fluctuating streams which are often is subject to seasonal flooding or biannual dam releases. Spreading from seed and underground runners, Saururus cernuus is capable of creating large colonies along rocky riparian corridors. This obligate (OBL) species is deliciously scented containing a sweet, sassafras-like aroma. It provides habitat for wood ducks to hide from predators and to hunt for water insects and fresh Saururus seed. By mid-summer, a floppy fragrant raceme of white flowers dangles elegantly and attracts the occasional hairstreak butterfly or bee that will come in search of nectar.