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Scutellaria incana

Skull Cap

Scutellaria incana, also known as Hoary skullcap, is a summer blooming perennial of the mint family. Purple tubular, hood-like flowers form atop of floral racemes, decorating open woods or sunny meadows. Lancolate, vivid green leaves create a full, bushy appearance. They perfer full sun to partial shade, in average to moist, well-draining soils. Typically, Scutellaria incana grow to be around 2-3', and can spread into small colonies by underground rhizomes. They are tolerant of heat, drought, shade, or rocky soils. Their flowers ar visited by numerous pollinators, including hummingbirds.

  • »  Purple summer flowers
  • »  Attracts hummingbirds
  • »  Tolerant of heat, drought, rocky soils or shade