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Solidago caesia

Blue-Stem Goldenrod

Solidago caesia, also known as Blue-stem goldenrod, is one of few goldenrod species that perfer to grow in shady environments. Typically growing up to 3 ft tall, bright yellow flower clusters assend the stem every autumn, reminicent of small comets arching out of the forest floor. Solidago caesia grows best in partial shade, but can also grow well in deep shade or full sun, adapting from edge meadows to woodlands easily. Many pollinators, including native bees, butterflies, and skippers are attracted to Solidago caesia. Solidago is a keystone species, supporting over 100 different kinds of butterflies, moths, and native bee species.

  • »  Fall yellow flowers
  • »  Woodland species
  • »  Attracts late season pollinators