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Solidago odora

Sweat Goldenrod

Sweet Goldenrod is aptly named for is anise scented foliage, and perhaps also for its sweet delicate stems and panicles of flowers that bloom in early fall. Soliago odora has narrow leaves which alternate up to the pyramidal flower racemes, that bloom from mid August-September. For a member of the Solidago genus, this species spreads rather slowly, forming clumps via short rhizomes. Typically, Solidago odora grows to be 2-4' ft tall, and perfers sunny to partically shady sites with mesic to dry soils. Solidago is a keystone species, supporting over 100 different kinds of butterflies, moths, and native bee species.

  • »  Fragrant foliage
  • »  Fall flowers
  • »  Slow rhizomatous
  • »  Keystone species

Additional Information
Height 2-5 in
Hardiness Zone 5-8
Color Yellow
Detailed Description for Solidago

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