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Solidago sempervirens

Seaside Goldenrod

Seaside goldenrod, Solidago sempervirens, is a common goldenrod found growing along the atlantic coastline, down into the gulf of mexico and along the great lakes. It is able to handle tough environments, found growing naturally along roadsides, pine woods, coastal marshes, and estuaries in sunny locations. Depending on the environment, it can grow anywhere from 3-6' tall, keeping a clump forming habit while spreading slowly by rhizomes overtime. The flowers are bright yellow and numerous, spread out upon dense panicles Their foliage is slightly more succulent like, which protects them against ocean winds. Solidago sempervirens is extremely salt tolerant, and a great soil stabilizer for dunes and coastal bays as well as salt ladent stormwater basins adjecent to major roadways. Solidago is a keystone species, supporting over 100 different kinds of butterflies, moths, and native bee species.

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  • »  Keystone species
  • »  Erosion control
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Additional Information
Hardiness Zone 3-9
Color Yellow
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