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Spiranthes odorata

Ladies Tress Orchid (Marsh Lady's Tresses)

One of Pennsylvania’s beautiful native orchids, Spiranthes odorata, is a rare and eye-catching plant. Blooming from late September-late October, Spiranthes odorata has numerous flowers upon a tall panicle, spiraling vertically at 8-16" tall. These white flowers are known to be quite fragrant at certain times of day, often compared to jasmine or vanilla. Ladies tress orchid is a terrestrial orchid, growing in full sun to light shade habitats with medium to wet, acidic soils and can be found in bogs, acidic swamps and wet meadows. Spiranthes odorata spreads slowly by rhizomes, taking time to populate an area.

  • »  Native Pennsylvania Orchid
  • »  Fragrant fall flowers
  • »  Bogs, swamps, acidic soils

Additional Information
Hardiness Zone 5-9
Color White
Detailed Description for Spiranthes

Spiranthes odorata, Ladies tress orchid, is a must for that shady boggy spot in the garden.  White bell shaped flowers with ruffled petals spiral up 12-18" stems on this exotic beauty late summer into early fall.   Leaves are persistent on lower stems of ladies tress orchid.  Ladies tress orchid spreads easily by rhizome and seeds.  Flowers are fragrant and attractive to bees, butterflies and birds!

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