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Asarum canadense

Canadian Wild Ginger

Asarum canadense, also known as Canadian wild ginger, is a beautiful, low-growing plant, about 4-8in tall. Their large, velvety leaves serve as an attractive ground cover as woodland ephemerals die back. They persist throughout the year, sending up fresh, new growth each spring, forming colonies where they grow. Hidden beneath their leafy canopy, red- dish-brown flowers bloom each spring. They are the larval host for the pipeline swallowtail and are resistant to deer browse and heavy shade. Native Americans historically have utilized this plant for its many medicinal and culinary properties. They prefer consistently moist soil, making them an excellent habitat pairing for Mertensia virginica and Polemonium reptans.

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Additional Information
Height 6-10 in
Spread 6-12 in
Color Red
Detailed Description for Asarum

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