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Eleocharis obtusa

Spikerush (Blunt spikerush)

Eleocharis obtusa, Spike rush, is typically one of the first colonizers of a freshly dug storm water basin or pond. Eleocharis obtusa forms attractive lime green clumps 1' tall topped with a blunt dark brown seed head in mid summer. This fine textured pioneer has the look of fiberoptic grass and is very tolerant of fluctuating water levels. Spike rush is ideally suited for rain gardens, conservation projects, basins, and storm water run off projects. Dense stands of Spike rush are a wonderful habitat for frogs, damselflies and dragonflies.

  • »  Low growth habit
  • »  Prolific seeder
  • »  Tolerant of water level fluctuation

Additional Information
Hardiness Zone 3-11
Color White
Detailed Description for Eleocharis

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