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Elymus hystrix

Bottle Brush Grass

Elymus hystrix, also known as Bottle brush grass, is a clump forming cool season perennial grass. Commonly found growing in sunny woods or woodland edges, Bottle brush grass forms upright accents of rough textured blades of foliage. By mid-summer, a pale central inflorescence grows to about 3-4' tall, with a flowerhead reminiscent to a bottle brush. Elymus hystrix grows best in somewhat moist to dry soils, in full to part sun. This species is tolerant of juglans, and their seed heads provide late season food resource for wildlife.

  • »  Cool season grass
  • »  Clump forming
  • »  Great fall accent against dark background

Additional Information
Height 24-48 Inches
Hardiness Zone 3-8
Color Green
Detailed Description for Elymus

Elymus hystrix, Bottle brush grass, grows in a wide range of soil conditions including heavy clay with dry to medium hydrology.  Bottle brush grass can take a variety of light conditions from full sun to part shade. It grows 2-3' tall forming fairly loose upright tufts of narrowly bladed green leaves on avg 10" long. The greenish & somewhat bristly flower heads rising well above the foliage in summer resemble bottle brushes. Great perennial competition against Japanese Stiltgrass.