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Elymus virginicus

Virginia Wild Rye

Elymus virginicus is a cool season clumping perennial grass common to open grasslands and woodlands in floodplains. Also known as Virginia wild rye, they have tufted, semi-evergreen foliage with bristly, wheat-like spiky flower heads in mid to late summer which grows to be about 2 - 4 ft tall. Elymus virginicus does best in sunny locations, preferably in loam to clay soils and consistent moisture. Virginia wild rye is a host plant to several species of caterpillars, and Elymus virginicus seeds provide a late season food source for wildlife.

  • »  Cool season
  • »  Grassland and woodland flood plains
  • »  Food source for wildlife

Additional Information
Height 24-48 Inches
Hardiness Zone 3-8
Color Green
Detailed Description for Elymus

Elymus virginicus or Virginia wild rye is a versatile shade tolerant cool season grass which grows just over 3' tall and offers great perennial competition against Japanese stiltgrass. The slightly drooping seed heads of Virginia wild rye are tan in color and persist long into winter.  Virginia wild rye grows well in a range of soil from clay to loamy. When grown in mass, it gives a nice savannah style aesthetic quality to the eastern woodlands.