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Eutrochium fistulosum

JoePye Weed

Eutrochium fistulosum, also known as Joe Pye Weed, is a strikingly tall, slow rhizomatous perennial with sturdy stems and whorled leaves. In the late summer months, light, airy plumbs of pink flowers bloom which attracts many pollinators, including numerous butterflies. Joe Pye Weed prefers full sun to part shade, with wet to moist soils of loam or clay. They grow to be anywhere from 5-10' tall, and provide and interesting winter textural component. Eutrochium fistulosum hollow stems provide habitat space for cavity nesting bees.

  • »  Great pollinator attractor
  • »  Special value to honey bees
  • »  Hollow stem habitat for cavity nesting bees

Additional Information
Color Pink
Detailed Description for Eutrochium

Meadows have a range of soil elevations, allowing for drier or wetter habitats. These micro-climates aid plants that prefer these slight changes. Eutrochium fistulosum is one of these plants, who prefers a slightly wetter soil and will colonize the wet divots within a meadow. Eutrochium fistulosum stands anywhere from four to seven feet in height, topped with a beautiful plume of pink flowers. Due to its grandeur in size, Eutrochium fistulosum creates structural focus in a meadow. As a long-lived perennial, Eutrochium fistulosum, will attract pollinators like Swallowtail butterflies, bumblebees, and more, for years to come. Come fall and winter, seeds from this plant are eaten by swamp sparrows and other birds.