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Monarda punctata

Dotted Beebalm

Monarda punctata, also known as Dotted beebalm, is a native herbaceous perennial that grows in sunny, dry meadow habitats. This species of Monarda has a particularly unique flower, white with brigh pink bracts atop of square stems. Their foliage is arromatic, typically rising to about 1 to 2 feet tall. Monarda punctata is dorught and deer tolerant, and is rhizomatous, known to spread into the surrounding area. This is a popular pollinator plant that attracts numerous bees and butterflies, as well as a hummingbird or two! Monarda puctata is also a host plant for the Gray marvel moth, and the Snout moth.

  • »  Drought tolerant
  • »  Summer into fall flowers
  • »  Sandy meadow habitat