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Oenothera fruticosa


Oenothera fruticosa, also known as Sundrops, is a day-flowering meadow perennial of the primrose family. Oenothera fruticosa grows in full sun, in fertile but dry sites. Sundrops are aptly named for their bright yellow flowers which bloom for just a day from April through August. While their blooms only last a day, each blooming cycle can be numerous and are sequencial. As one flower fades another flower comes into bloom . They grow 1-3' tall and will self-seed into its environment. They support a variety of wildlife such as bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and songbirds who all rely on Oenothera fruticosa as a seasonal food source.

  • »  Bright yellow flowers
  • »  Attracts pollinators
  • »  Winter food source for songbirds