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Nymphaea odorata

American White Water Lily

The American white water lily is one of the most commonly seen water plants. Its natural range is from Newfoundland to the Great lakes, south including Missouri, and Kansas and down to Florida and Texas. Nymphaea odorata is tolerant of a wide pH range and is found along quite creeks and back waters as well as inland lakes and ponds. Its round floating leaves with a 'v' notch range in color from dark green to maroon, and its white flower is highly fragrant when close. It produces viable seed and spreads via rhizome and tubers. Nymphaea odorata naturalizes quickly and can be quite nice if that is the intent, but proceed with care if you are dealing with a small pond and open water is the primary goal. A wonderful plant for shading the water surface and providing cover for fish and resting pads for wary frogs.

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