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Ruellia humilis

Wild Petunia

Ruellia humilis, also known by Wild petunia is a low-growing, mounding, multi-stem plant with lavender, funnel-shaped blooms. While each flower only lasts for a day, new flowers bloom continuously from May till October. Ruellia humilis grows anywhere from 1-2' tall, with sprawling leaves which perfectly disguise taller, leggy plants. The dark green leaves appear fuzzy, owing to their pubescence, making them unpalatable to deer and most pests. Ruellia humilis is a hardy plant, capable of growing in poor, compacted soils, and tolerant of drought and salt. You will most commonly find this plant growing in full sun to partial shade in moist to dry soil. It is the host plant of the Buckeye Butterfly and is often visited and pollinated by short-tongue and long-tongue bees, as well as syrphid flies. Ruellia humilis readily grows from seed, bursting seed pods are capable of shooting seeds up to 10 feet!

  • »  Host plant of the Buckeye butterfly
  • »  Light purple summer flowers
  • »  Deer tolerant
  • »  Attracts abundant pollinators