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Symphyotrichum laeve

Smooth Aster

Smooth Aster, Symphyotrichum laeve, is a species in the Asteraceae family that grows best in open glades, woodland edges and meadows. Smooth aster blooms brilliantly with bright lavendar flowers. Their common namesake, Smooth Aster, is due to their smooth, toothless leaves which show practically no veination. The light purple flowers bloom from September through October, and are filled with numerous small petals, which ring around a central pale yellow to red-purple center. Symphyotrichum laeve grows anywhere from 2-4' tall, and is a great species that tolerates dry rock soils, partial shade and is drought tolerant once established. Symphyotrichum is a keystone flowering perennial, supporting over 100 different invertebrate species.

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Additional Information
Height 24-48 in
Hardiness Zone 4-8
Color Purple
Detailed Description for Symphyotrichum

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