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Typha latifolia

Broad Leaf Cattails

Typha latifolia, Broad leaf cattails, are one of the most important native wetland plants, providing wildlife habitat, improving water quality and providing food for wildlife. In fact, Euell Gibbons called Cattails the "Supermarket of the Swamps".  Wildlife thrives in Cattail marshes. Red-Winged Blackbirds, muskrats, turtles, frogs insects and many animals are common in these habitats. Water quality is enhanced as the plants absorb many nutrients from water and the colonies of plants can be an important way to trap silt entering waterways. There are several wild and cultivated forms of Cattails including variegated, thin-leaved and miniature varieties.

  • »  Rapid rhizomatous
  • »  Agressive
  • »  Bio-remediation

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Color Brown
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