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Solidago bicolor

White Goldenrod

Solidago bicolor, known commonly as White goldenrod, is a slow rhizomatous woodland perennial, 2-3' tall, blooming from late August-late September, in partial sun to dappled shade. Solidago bicolor has dark green foliage, and grows in upright unbranched stems. The namesake, 'bicolor' represents their beautiful flowers, which are a unique white color, unusal for the Solidago species. Solidago bicolor is happiest in rich, deciduous woodlands, though is also tolerant of dry, rocky woodlands. White goldenrod is a great choice for both cultivated shade gardens, pollinator gardens, or woodland restoration projects. Many insects rely on foliage for fall food, such as moth and caterpillar species. Solidago bicolor is part of a small group of woodland goldenrod species, like Solidago caesia or Solidago flexicaulis. Solidago is a keystone species, supporting over 100 different kinds of butterflies, moths, and native bee species.

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